Well then… we’ve reached the first month of the year, folks. I hope you all had a very happy New Year and I’m sure that in this new year, our branch will continue to introduce products to all of you just like before. Let’s see what models we have for you this time.

1.True Wireless Earphones AG Cotsubu ASMR FRIEZA

In this first month of 2566, I’d like to introduce a limited edition pair of beautiful and compact earphones for your listening pleasure. It’s the AG Cotsubu ASMR FRIEZA. This model features a new skin design for the Cotsubu ASMR, making it even more beautiful, and the vocal sound quality has been enhanced for greater clarity.

These earphones come with a battery life of up to 25 hours, Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, and support for SBC, AAC, and APTX codecs. They are IPX4 water-resistant, allowing you to use them during workouts. The improvements from the original ASMR model include clearer vocal sound, a crisp and clear singing voice, a softer and less harsh treble, tight bass with good impact, and a spacious soundstage that separates musical elements well. If you already enjoy the AG Cotsubu ASMR, you’ll find this model even more worthwhile and a great addition to your collection.

2.JBL Go 3 Portable Speaker

Happy New Year! As we start the new year, let’s talk about which gadget is best to use. During this period, you might be traveling quite a bit, so I recommend a portable speaker for your convenience. The one I’m introducing today is the JBL Go 3, a compact and portable speaker that doesn’t take up much space in your bag, yet delivers great sound. The JBL Go 3 comes with Bluetooth version 5.1 for easy connectivity and offers a maximum playtime of up to 5 hours. It’s also rated IPX67 for water resistance, allowing you to use it in the rain. However, it’s not recommended to submerge the speaker for too long. Additionally, it comes in various colors. The reason I like the JBL Go 3 is that it’s portable, doesn’t take up much space, and is reasonably priced. It provides good sound quality.

3.Steelseries Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse

For this month, I’ve been heavily into FPS gaming, and the mouse that fits perfectly in my hand is the “Steelseries Aerox 5 Wireless”. Not only does it have a comfortable grip and lightweight design, but it also offers easy and precise control. The quick-release button under the thumb enhances the efficiency of using hotkeys, making gaming much easier for me. Apart from the Type-C connection, it also supports wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing continuous usage for up to 180 hours. With an IPX4 water resistance rating, you don’t have to worry about sweat during workouts. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that can be used for work and supports multiple devices, I highly recommend the Steelseries Aerox 5 Wireless.

4.True Wireless Earphones Final Audio AG Pita

Hello, everyone! First of all, I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year. I hope you all have good health and a prosperous year ahead. Now, let’s start this new year by introducing a fresh new product from Final Audio, the AG Pita. These compact and sleek true wireless earphones are designed for comfortable sleep. They come with Bluetooth 5.3 for fast and stable connections and provide a pleasant listening experience with clear vocals and soft bass that is suitable for bedtime listening. If you’re someone who exercises, these earphones are also IPX5 water-resistant, allowing you to wear them during workouts. And the best part is, they are priced at just 2,090 baht! If you’re looking for affordable true wireless earphones, AG Pita is a great option to consider.

5.Earbuds Yuin PKE

Greetings, everyone! We’ve entered the new year of 2023. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and wish you good health and prosperity. Today, I’d like to introduce a pair of earbuds called Yuin PKE from the legendary brand “Yuin.” These top-of-the-line earbuds have a silver-coated metallic finish on their compact and sleek bodies. The internal dynamic drivers have an impedance of 150 ohms, so I recommend pairing them with a music player or DAC/amp with high driving power to fully enjoy their sound quality. If you’re a fan of earbuds, I highly recommend the PKE for its easy listening and comfortable fit. PKE is the perfect answer for those seeking high-quality earbuds.

6.True Wireless Earphones Defunc True Basic

Happy New Year 2566! How was your New Year holiday? I understand that many of you may have spent a lot during the New Year celebrations. Today, I’d like to recommend a budget-friendly true wireless earphone called the Defunc True Basic. This earphone is a starter model from the well-known brand Defunc. It features a minimal and ergonomic design, providing a comfortable fit for those who don’t prefer in-ear earphones. It also comes with ear hooks for added stability. The True Basic uses Bluetooth 5.0 and offers up to 3 hours of playtime, with an additional 3 charges available. It has an IPX4 water resistance rating, allowing you to use it comfortably during workouts. Furthermore, it comes in six different colors. So, if you’re looking for an affordable true wireless earphone, give the Defunc True Basic a try.

That’s it for this month’s recommended products. I hope you all find them appealing. I wish you a great year ahead and stay tuned for the products we’ll introduce next month.