Spotify is a music streaming service that offers a wide range of features for us to benefit from. But do you know what cool features Spotify has for us to use? In this post, I have gathered them for you.

1.Spotify Blend

Spotify Blend: This feature allows us to create playlists together with friends or family members. You can add up to 10 people to a playlist. To create a Blend, open the Spotify app, go to Your Library, tap the “+” button, select Blend, tap Send Invitation, and share the link with the friends you want to invite. Once they accept the invitation, you can start creating the playlist together.

2.Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect: Spotify Connect, also known as Remote, allows us to control playback on one device through another device. To use this feature, both devices need to be logged in with the same ID and connected to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or 5G. For example, you can use your smartphone to change songs, adjust the volume, or even switch playback between your computer and the smartphone without being on the same network. It works with other devices that have Spotify installed, such as portable music players, tablets, smartwatches, as well as devices that support Spotify Connect, like wireless speakers, soundbars, music streamers, or smart TVs. Simply go to the Spotify app on both devices, tap the speaker icon, and select the desired device to control.


Enhance: The Enhance feature helps you discover songs similar to the ones in your playlist. It suggests songs based on the proximity to the existing songs in your playlist. You can preview the suggested songs and add them to your playlist by tapping the “+” button. If you don’t like a suggested song, you can tap the “-” button to remove it or tap Enhance again to refresh the suggestions. This feature saves you the trouble of manually searching for songs to add to your playlist or when you’re unsure which songs to add to an existing playlist. You can find the Enhance button in the playlist view, represented by a constellation icon.

4.Car View

Car View: This mode automatically activates when you connect your smartphone to your car’s Bluetooth and open the Spotify app. In Car View, the control icons become larger for easy touch control, enhancing accuracy and simplicity without distracting you. You can also use voice commands to select or skip songs. To switch back to the regular screen, tap the car icon with overlapping lines. If you want to disable Car View, go to Settings > Car > Disable Car View Automatically.

5.Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer: If you listen to music on your smartphone before sleeping, you can set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the music. To do this, go to the Now Playing screen, tap the “…” button in the top right corner, select Sleep Timer, and choose a duration from 5 minutes to 1 hour or until the end of the track. This feature ensures your music stops playing without requiring manual intervention.

6.Spotify SharePlay

Spotify SharePlay: This feature allows you to listen to music with others while having a conversation through FaceTime. It supports iOS and iPadOS versions 15.1 or later. To use SharePlay, go to the “…” menu in a playlist, tap Share, select More, tap SharePlay, and choose the friends you want to invite. Alternatively, while using FaceTime, open Spotify and play a song. The people in the call will receive an invitation to join SharePlay.

7.Optimize Spotify’s Audio Streaming Settings

Optimize Spotify’s Audio Streaming Settings: If you have an unlimited data plan or use Wi-Fi, you can optimize Spotify’s audio streaming settings for better quality. In the Spotify app’s settings, you can do the following:

Go to Settings > Data Saver Mode > Turn Off Data Saver Mode.
Go to Settings > Audio Quality > Stream with Wi-Fi > Choose Very High.
Go to Settings > Audio Quality > Stream with Cellular > Choose Very High.
Go to Settings > Audio Quality > Enable Audio Normalization > Turn Off.
Go to Settings > Playback > Crossfade > Turn Off.
By adjusting these settings, you can maximize the audio quality and streaming experience on Spotify.

These hidden features can enhance your Spotify usage and provide new ways to enjoy music with others or optimize your listening experience. Give them a try and discover new possibilities within the Spotify app.