Technics EAH-AZ80: Flagship-Level True Wireless Earphones with Full Features. Let’s take a look at what’s new and the highlights of the EAH-AZ80.

Low Profile Design:

The previous models were already known for their comfortable fit and distinctive design, but the EAH-AZ80 takes it a step further. The inner shell that touches the ear is no longer rectangular like the previous models. Instead, it has been redesigned with a more curved shape, resulting in better pressure distribution. When comparing the comfort of continuous wear for the same duration, it is clear that the EAH-AZ80 is more comfortable than its predecessors. As for the external appearance of the earphones and the case, they look similar to the previous models, with only a slight increase in the size of the case.

Full Spectrum Sound:

In this version, Technics has increased the driver size from “8mm” to “10mm” and incorporated Free-Edge Aluminum Alloy Diaphragms. This reduces distortion in the low-frequency range and provides natural and detailed sound reproduction, especially for Hi-Res 24Bit/96kHz music.

Advanced Noise Cancellation:

The EAH-AZ80’s ANC system combines feedback and feedforward microphones with both digital and analog processing. This ensures effective noise reduction without compromising the sound quality of the earphones. It follows the guidelines set by “JEITA” for “Hi-Res Audio” standards, emphasizing the focus on sound quality for wireless earphones.

Natural Ambient Mode:

The Ambient Mode in the EAH-AZ80 has been further improved to provide a more realistic experience. The notable difference is that the incoming ambient sound is incredibly natural. Users who have experienced other models claiming to have a natural ambient sound will find that the EAH-AZ80 truly gives the feeling of not wearing earphones at all, as there is no perceivable gap in sound when using the Ambient Mode.

Connect to More:

The Multi-Point Pairing feature, which allows connecting the earphones to more than one device, is a significant convenience. Technics has provided Multi-Point functionality since the EAH-AZ60, but the EAH-AZ80 takes it further. It is claimed to be an “Industry-First” feature that can connect to “3 devices” simultaneously, such as a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, without any issues. However, please note that connecting to 3 devices simultaneously does not support the LDAC codec.

Keep An Open Ear:

For those who often use only one earphone, the EAH-AZ80 allows you to use either the “left” or “right” earphone individually, providing flexibility and freedom of choice.

Clearer Than Ever Call:

In today’s era, if phone calls using earphones are not clear, it can be frustrating. Technics has addressed this by introducing the “JustMyVoice™” technology, which works in conjunction with all 8 microphones (4 on each side). It blocks wind noise, reduces surrounding noise, and enhances the clarity and volume of our voice, ensuring efficient and excellent microphone performance.

Customize Your Sound Experience:

The EAH-AZ80 is compatible with the “Technics Audio Connect” app, allowing users to customize various settings such as EQ, ANC/Ambient, Multi-Point, Touch Sensor, LDAC, and Low Latency.

Premium Hi-Fi Sound:

The audio quality of the EAH-AZ80 has been further improved compared to the initial model, EAH-AZ60. The midrange remains similar, with slight adjustments towards the front compared to the EAH-AZ60M2. The bass is deep, well-weighted, and particularly stands out in the mid and deep bass range. The earphones excel in capturing small details in vocals and guitar sounds. While some detail-oriented earphones may sacrifice soundstage, the EAH-AZ80 retains its soundstage without significant reduction. The soundstage is wide and has good depth, providing a three-dimensional experience. The high-frequency range offers precise and clear sound reproduction while maintaining Technics’ warm signature sound without excessive brightness.