Master & Dynamic is back to conquer fans again with premium truly wireless earphones from New York, USA. MW08 SPORT has the perfect balance between sound quality and unique design, in choosing the best material for the image of the Sport mood.

MW08 is a continuation of the great work from senior MW07. In addition, this version also has collaboration with many world-class brands such as Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini, Leica and many others, you can trust that if they weren’t good enough, these brands wouldn’t have come to Master & Dynamic to lose their credit for sure.

If you look at the market today, the material of many famous brands is usually plastic or silicone but Master & Dynamic still selected metal since 2014, (when it first launched from cable headphones to full size headphones, which has received a very good response.) combined with the most creative works of art that everyone is fascinated.

The belief and philosophy that the brand has always been committed to and cared for is “SOUND IS A CATALYST AND A POWERFUL CREATIVE ELEMENT, HELPING TO FOCUS, INSPIRE, AND TRANSPORT YOUR MIND” which just a short definition of makes this brand very interesting.

Since 2016, Master & Dynamic’s design approach always chooses to use Dynamic Driver speakers with the belief that expertise is an endless exploration on Dynamic’s path, it’s no surprise!! why the brand has continued to develop this kind of Driver continuously.

History From Master & Dynamic

Founder Jonathan Levine was first drawn to headphones after building a recording studio in his office to support his shared passion with his music-mad son, Robert, an emerging DJ/music producer. Jonathan, a serial consumer products entrepreneur, envisioned headphones with both premium sound quality and elevated design that his son could use.


While touring colleges, they came across a pair of WWII aviator headphones in a museum and could not help but notice how elegant and timeless the headphones looked. In that moment, Jonathan decided he wanted to design and build headphones that in 50 years would also stand the test of time.


If talking about this brand, whether it is INEAR style from small models to headphone large models, the brand always chooses materials that are not only beautiful but also durable, such as high-quality metal and leather.

After telling the story briefly for everyone, then now comes the protagonist of this article “Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport”

Inside the box

Kevlar® Fiber Charging Case
5 Silicone Ear Tip Sizes
USB-A Adapter
USB-C Charging Cable
2 Memory Foam Ear Tip Sizes
Sport Earbuds

This assembly uses a specially designed Sapphire Glass Meterial to be resistant to breakage and scratches like a world class luxury brand watch and trimmed with lightweight Aluminum Shell. It is splashproof and dustproof rated at IPX5 with 2 stylish color options: Olive Sapphire Glass & Blue Sapphire Glass.

At this time, the brand’s website has additional 2 tones that look equally luxurious, Silver Sapphire Glass & Black Sapphire Glass that may be available for sale in the future.

The MW08 Sport is equipped with an auricle detection sensor so that when you remove the earphones from the ear, the music will automatically stop playing and when you put it back in, the system will automatically play the song for you.

Next comes the charging case, which has the same square shape as the normal MW08, but the material used to protect the earphones is beautifully created according to the definition of “Sport” with modern Kevlar, like a hypercar interior.

The charging case comes with a USB-C charging port, enhancing durability and ending the case with a splash-proof rating of IPX4.

MW08 Sport Specification


  • MODEL: MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones
  • Case DIMENSIONS: 64.8mm x 48.1mm x 26.8mm
  • Earphone DIMENSIONS: 21.19mm x 20.22mm x 25.08mm
  • DRIVERS: 11mm Beryllium
  • WEIGHT: Sport Earphones: 8.6g each, Charging Case: 56g
  • MATERIALS: Sapphire glass sport earbuds /Kevlar® fiber case
  • EARPHONE BATTERY LIFE: Up to 12 hours playtime / 10 hours with ANC or Ambient Listening
  • EARPHONE CHARGE TIME: 50% charge in 15 minutes, 100% charge in 45 minutes
  • MICROPHONE TYPE: 6-microphone talk solution – 3 microphones in each sport earphone
  • WATERPROOF LEVEL: Wireless sport earbuds feature an IPX5 water resistance rating, case features IPX4 water resistance rating
  • ACTIVE NOISE-CANCELLING: Hybrid ANC sport earbuds with All Day ANC and ANC Max modes
  • AMBIENT LISTENING MODES: Awareness Mode, Voice Mode

Charging Case

  • CHARGING CASE BATTERY LIFE: 30 additional hours of charge, Up to 42 hours total playtime
  • CHARGING CASE TIME (CABLE): 50% charge in 15 minutes, 100% charge in 60 minutes
  • CHARGING CASE TIME (WIRELESS): 50% charge in 30 minutes, 100% charge in 100 minut


  • BLUETOOTH PROFILE: Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC, SBC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, and Qualcomm’s state of the art True Wireless Mirroring technology


For Pairing to connect to various devices, you can press commands easily at your fingertips. Click!! Hold the Power button for a moment. Just wait for the white light to change to a flashing light.

And as soon as the connection is complete, the sound performance will happen just press to play music. Choose silicone ear tips that fit the ear canal.

BASS: Points that can be recognized immediately is the sound of the bass area at the end of the sound is smooth and smoother than MW08 which makes listening to music with the MW08 Sport has a weight of sound that is more catchy. As for the impact that came out, it was not too intense. Overall, it sounds great in the bass area.

MID & VOCAL VOICE: The separation of details is considered to be clear, with the song that has been tested for recording the details of the singer’s voice rather on the right-hand side, it is clearly conveyed correctly. The singer’s tone was clear, there were no other voices interfering or the sound of the instrument to overlap the vocals and also get the trepidation of the sound glass. The tone of the vocals is warm and not too sharp, making music flow smoothly and is more comfortable to the ears than MW08. However, if you like the clarity of the vocals with a little bit of sharpness, then the MW08 is probably your go-to. In terms of the sound of instruments such as harps or strings, the MW08 never disappoints because you can clearly feel the vibration of the fingers that slide down the strings.

TREBLE: The tip of the treble retains the details and can be fine-tuned to fit without any splinter. It’s a treble that goes out in a more smooth tone while still being able to drag the end of the instrument out fairly, not at the edge of the stage, but still has a great listening experience.

SOUNDSTAGE: As for the soundstage of the MW08 Sport, it is not very spacious. However, it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. Although the stage size is not magnificent, but the sound stage of this model is amazingly airy, and the advantages of the sound stage are not too wide, making it very easy to focus on the piece of music. All instruments deliver a sonic dimension that envelops the listener and is still enough to capture the deep details of the instrument, even if the sound position is not very deep. The sound layers and the tone came out flawlessly.

Many of you may be wondering how the MW08 Sport can turn on and off the Active Noise Canceling system?

When you want to turn on the ANC system, you can press and hold the Volume (-) button for about 3 seconds, there will be a notification sound and it will turn on immediately. And to close Just press and hold for 3 seconds as well, it will cancel the system. On the other hand, to turn on the Ambient Listening system, press and hold the Volume (+) button for about 3 seconds.


MW08 Sport has an application that supports both IOS & ANDROID systems with the name M&D Connect that the brand has designed to help in ordering, turning on or off the system, as in the picture, and can also update new firmware versions in the future.

Compare Earphone Model MW08 Series

As for the weight and material when compared to the normal MW08. It is considered that there are advantages in the Charging Case, when you try to carry it, you will find that the weight of the Kevlar Meterial in the [MW08 Sport] and Stainless Steel Meterial [MW08] models are obviously significantly different.

However, if we compare only the weight of the MW08 Series earphones, we can’t find much difference. The MW08 Sport weighs in at 8.6 g, while the MW08 weighs just over 9 g on the ceramic faceplate meterial. It’s up to you to decide which style of meterial you like.

Of course, these 2 models, in terms of similar use, are like brothers with different personalities and distinctive in their own way, including tones that have different characteristics hidden in them.

How To Factory Reset

If the MW08 Sport ERROR earphones cannot be connected, a factory reset is required as follows:

Step 1 Put the headphones into the Charging Case completely on both sides.

Step 2 Remove the name of MW08S from the Pairing list on your Smartphone.

Step 3 Pick up the left earphone only!! exit form the Charging Case, put on the earphone and quickly press the Volume (+) button 6 times and hold the 6th press, wait until you hear a “Factory Reset” notification.

Step 4: Take the right earphone out of the charging case, put the earphone on as well, quickly press the Multi-Function button 6 times and hold the 6th time until you hear “Factory Reset” notification sound.

Step 5 Remove both headphones, put them in pairs, headphones will show a blinking light, wait a moment, the status light will flash into pairing mode normally.

*If you follow the steps and can’t fix it, submit a claim at the service center.