“Beats Fit Pro” is a True-Wireless earbuds with a small size that fits snugly into the ear canal and the interesting point of this model is the Fit-Wing, a flexible silicone that helps to wear more effectively. In case that someone who is a health lover who likes to exercise or even play sports, I can say that these earbuds are an option that should not be overlooked. A waterproof rating of IPX4 is enough for exercise and everyday use with ease but the level of waterproofing is not enough for use in bathing or swimming, I must inform you in advance; otherwise your earbuds may be damaged.

“Beats Fit Pro” also supports “Spatial audio” and “Dynamic Head Tracking” systems that enhance the listening experience to a more distinctive dimension, whether listening to music, watching movies, series. For Apple’s customer will definitely like this and inside there is H1 chip that enhances the connection to be more stable, faster and convenient to use. You can also use the voice assistant Siri. Just say “Hey Siri” to get instant voice commands and help inform the status of the battery and charging case.

In addition, the “Beats Fit Pro” earbuds have one more feature that is the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) system that helps to cut outside noise while we are using the earbuds. It helps us to focus on the details of the sound and the details of listening to music or watching movies more fully.

But for anyone who wants to know the outside sound with these earbuds, they can do it for you with the Transparency Mode system that helps to open the perception of outside sounds around us. This function can help you listen to music while on the road to help reduce accidents. Beats Fit Pro uses a Dual Beamforming Microphone, which makes conversations clearer and cuts out small noises for better conversations. These earbuds can be used for up to 6 hours together (In the case of using ANC) and when combined with the charging box, it can be used for up to 18 hours, and also supports the Fast Fuel system, charging for only 5 minutes can be used for 1 hour.

How to use and enter Bluetooth pairing mode

For how to enter Pairing mode, let us open the lid of the charging case. But don’t just take it out of the box. Let us press and hold the button on the box for 5 seconds until the white light flashes to enter pairing mode. After that, let us turn on Bluetooth on the phone and choose the name “Beats Fit Pro”.

For IOS users, they can go in and customize their functionality through the Bluetooth connection settings.

For Android users, you can download the App “Beats” through the Google Play Store for further customization.

The Beats app for Android (right) has most of the same features as that available on an iPhone (left). Photograph: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

Hours of use and battery charge

It can be used for up to 6 hours (ANC ON). The earbuds box can be charged 2 more times approximately.

The charging port is a USB-C port to charge and takes approximately 2 hours to charge.


Design : Flexible, secure-fit wingtips for all-day comfort and stability
IPX4-rated sweat and water resistant earbuds

Earbud : Length: 3 cm / 1.18 in
Width: 2.4 cm / 0.94 in
Height: 1.9 cm / 0.75 in
Weight: 5.6 g

Case : Length: 6.2 cm / 2.44 in
Width: 6.2 cm / 2.44 in
Height: 2.85 cm / 1.12 in
Weight: 55.1 g

Power : Up to 6 hours of listening time (with ANC turned on) plus an additional 18 hours provided by its pocket sized charging case. 5-minute Fast Fuel charging gives up to 1 hour of playback when battery is low.
USB-C to USB-C charging cable
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

In The Box

  • Beats Fit Pro earbuds
  • Silicone eartips S/M/L
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide


Bass – has a large bass mass, full circle, strong impact that gives a feeling of excitement, fun to listen to, and still has a good holds up well and compact without overlapping blur. It also shows the details of the deep bass area to be able to feel where the bass does not disturb other areas.

Vocals – Has a clear image of vocals. Go out a little full. Easy to focus on vocals. The vocals will move slightly closer to the listener but not so close that it feels uncomfortable.

Treble – A squealing sound that is easy to hear, not harsh on the ears, but not completely broken. It still retains the details at the end of the sound well. The end of the sound is still well stretched.

Sound stage – The sound stage is not too narrow but not too wide. It is a sound stage and dimensions that are just right. Good at distinguishing pieces of music.


For anyone looking for wireless earbuds that are small and snug fit for exercise. “Beats Fit Pro” can be picked up and used flexibly with a charging box design that is compact and easy to carry. An external noise cancellation (ANC) system allows us to focus on listening to music. You can also use the Transparency mode in the exercise. It has hours of use that are available for most of the day. It is considered an quite interesting option.