This time, Astell&Kern has released a new entry-level DAP (Digital Audio Player) in the A&Norma series, replacing the SR25 MKII. It features a new sound signature in a familiar style, offering a compact music player that rivals larger models in terms of specifications.

Luxurious design

The SR35 exudes luxury with its Aluminum CNC material, now available in “Charcoal Gray.” It maintains a convenient portable size, just like its predecessors.

New UI/UX Crimson Theme

The user interface has been redesigned for easier and more beautiful operation, similar to the SP3000 model.

Selectable Quad-DAC Mode

Featuring four CS43198 sound chips from Cirrus Logic, users can adjust the matching with headphones and music genres according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a fun listening experience or a more serious approach, the Quad-DAC mode can be easily switched.

Roon Ready

For the first time in the Astell&Kern A&Norma Series, it supports the Roon Ready system, which can be used as an End-Point or Bridge with other external devices. This enhances the capabilities of the entry-level SR35 beyond what was previously possible.

Low & High Gain

The SR35 allows convenient selection of the appropriate driving power for the headphones used. It offers both Low Gain and High Gain modes with the following power levels:

Low Gain: Unbalanced 2.1 Vrms / Balanced 4Vrms
High Gain: Unbalanced 3.1 Vrms / Balanced 6Vrms

Various Inputs and Outputs

It supports USB-C input for use as a DAC/AMP with PCs and Macs, as well as Bluetooth input for wireless DAC/AMP functionality, supporting up to the “LDAC” codec. On the output side, there are three headphone outputs: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm, which can be used as analog line outputs for connecting to amplifiers or active speakers, or as digital outputs via USB-C for external DAC/AMP usage.

Storage Capacity and Battery

The device has an internal capacity of 64GB and supports the addition of a micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 1TB. The battery can provide continuous playback for up to approximately 20 hours under the following conditions: * (Standard: FLAC, 16-bit, 44.1kHz, Normal Gain, Unbalanced, Volume 50, LCD Off, Dual DAC Mode)*

Taking the series to another level in terms of sound quality

The overall sound signature of the SR35 in this iteration is more premium and refined compared to the SR25 MKII. Especially for those who already own the SR25 MKII, if they have the opportunity to listen to the SR35, they will immediately notice the clear difference.

However, in this version, two additional sound chips have been added, making a total of four. This opportunity provided by AK allows us to choose whether we want to use the Dual-DAC or Quad-DAC mode. In Dual-DAC mode, the advantage lies in a more enjoyable listening experience with a greater dynamic range. When listening to rock music that emphasizes rhythm and the mood of the song, it becomes even more enjoyable.

On the other hand, for those who want to switch to music that focuses on details or requires better instrument separation, using the Quad-DAC mode will result in a more detailed and layered sound. The soundstage becomes wider, and the dimensional depth, especially in the lower frequencies, is excellent.