Currently, there are various earphone tips available for purchase, depending on personal preferences for fit and sound. Today, I would like to recommend some interesting earphone tips for those who are looking to enhance their sound experience by adjusting the tips. Which model will there be? Let’s go see it.

Enhance Bass and Thicken the Sound:

Final Audio Type-E is an earphone tip from the brand Final Audio that helps to enhance the richness and thickness of the sound. In the low-frequency range, it delivers a bass response with increased weight and impact. Additionally, it helps to reduce sharpness in the high-frequency range, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable listening. The Type-E is available for purchase in both IEM (In-Ear Monitor) and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) versions.

Improve Natural Midrange Balance:

SpinFit CP360: This model is designed for both True Wireless and IEM earphones. It features a short stem and medical-grade silicone material, which reduces bacterial buildup. The slightly sticky texture of the silicone helps the tips stay securely in the ears. The CP360 improves the sound balance, delivering a more natural and well-balanced sound signature. It is suitable for those who prefer a comfortable and non-fatiguing sound.

Increase Highs and Soundstage:

Nuarl Track Ear: The Nuarl Track Ear has a unique design that may look unconventional but provides a comfortable fit. It features a semi-open design with wave-like grooves on the surface, allowing for better air circulation and resulting in a wider soundstage and improved transparency. It also enhances the clarity and separation of instruments, providing a more spacious sound. The bass response is clearer and more defined, with a slight increase in soundstage depth.

Reduce Bass, Increase Focus, and Clarity:

SpinFit W1: The W1 model uses the same medical-grade silicone material as the CP360 but features a “Double Wave Shape” stem that is longer. While designed primarily for IEM earphones, it can also be used with certain TWS models. The soft and pliable silicone material ensures a comfortable fit and helps achieve accurate instrument placement and clearer sound reproduction by reducing veiling and muddiness. The bass may be slightly reduced, but the highs are more vivid and present.

Intense and Exciting Sound without Ear Fatigue:

AZLA Sedna Earfit Max: This is a new model that offers a comfortable fit with medical-grade silicone material, similar to SpinFit, but without the sticky texture. If you prioritize an enjoyable listening experience without excessively boosted highs, this model is suitable. The Sedna Earfit Max provides a weighty bass, dense midrange, and controlled highs at a reasonable level. It is available in Standard, True Wireless, and AirPods Pro versions.


These earphone tips can help tailor the sound of your earphones to better suit your preferences. Choose the one that fits your needs and enjoy an enhanced audio experience.