Time flies by quickly, and now we have entered the new season. I hope everyone takes care of their health. For this month, I have some good products to recommend to all of you, just like before. Let’s see what models are available for us to explore and enjoy together!

1.Nothing Ear (2)

During the rainy season, it’s a good idea to find waterproof headphones. One great option is the Nothing Ear (2), which is a recent model that just entered the market. These headphones are suitable for people with small ear canals and are relatively lightweight. They have a stylish design and are easy to carry around, equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 for high-performance connectivity. The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 36 hours with the charging case providing an additional 6.3 hours per charging cycle. It supports fast charging, allowing for 8 hours of usage with just 10 minutes of charging. Additionally, it supports wireless charging and features three microphones on each side, ensuring clear conversations. One remarkable feature of this model is its noise-canceling function, which offers three different modes, reducing ambient noise by up to 40 decibels. Moreover, the Nothing Ear (2) comes with the Nothing X app, allowing users to customize the EQ, ANC, personalized sound, and most importantly, it has an IP54 water resistance rating. Furthermore, the charging case is also water-resistant at an IP55 level, making it lightweight and suitable for braving the rain. It can also connect to two devices simultaneously, making it a versatile choice. After testing the phone call function, I am quite satisfied. Overall, the Nothing Ear (2) is a recommended option for both indoor and outdoor use.


Hello! This month, let me introduce an upgraded version of the previous model, the SENNHEISER HD660S, called the HD660S2. This new model retains the familiar design of its predecessor, including the comfortable and soft fabric earpads. It weighs only 260 grams. One noticeable difference is that the logo has changed from white to gold. The HD660S2 comes with a 38mm dynamic driver that delivers a complete sound response. It includes two detachable cables: a 6.3mm and a 4.4mm, along with a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter. The cable length is a generous 1.8 meters. The HD660S2 has increased the impedance value from 150 ohms to 300 ohms, resulting in even better sound clarity and reduced background noise. The soundstage of the HD660S2 has improved, providing a more three-dimensional representation of musical pieces. The positioning of the vocals has slightly receded, but the vocals remain soft, pleasant, and articulate as before. The bass sound is deep and offers a satisfying impact, with deep but well-defined bass. The treble is sharp but smooth, without excessive brightness. The sound separation and imaging are excellent, with no overlapping. Overall, the HD660S2 has taken the sound quality to another level, with powerful and refined sound reproduction and an improved background that makes the music even more prominent. If you are a fan of the SENNHEISER brand, the HD660S2 is definitely worth considering.

3.Truthear x Crinacle Zero

Sure! The in-ear headphones I would like to recommend this month are the “Truthear Zero.” These headphones not only have a beautiful design but also provide an enjoyable listening experience. The standout feature of this model is its faceplate, which changes color from purple when exposed to light to blue when not. It’s a visually stunning design.

The Truthear Zero features two dynamic drivers, sized at 10mm and 7.8mm respectively. The detachable cables use a 2-pin connector, allowing for upgrades if desired. As for sound quality, these headphones deliver a fun and detailed listening experience. The bass is tight, impactful, and well-controlled, with powerful and well-extended sub-bass. The headphones excel in maintaining rhythm and pace, and vocals are clear and articulate. The midrange is slightly forward, while the treble is detailed and well-extended without being harsh or fatiguing.

The soundstage is wide and allows for excellent separation and imaging, ensuring that different instruments and vocals are easily discernible. There is minimal overlap or congestion. The headphones provide a good sense of space without sacrificing intimacy. Overall, the Truthear Zero is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a variety of music genres and want a balanced and immersive listening experience.

4.B&O Beosound Explore

Certainly! Let’s talk about the B&O BeoSound Explore, a portable speaker that is perfect for the current rainy season and can be conveniently taken anywhere. It is compact, lightweight, and comes with an IP67 water resistance rating, allowing you to use it worry-free in the rain or around water.

Now, let’s dive into the details. B&O, known for its luxury products, has created the BeoSound Explore to deliver an exceptional audio experience. With its 60-watt output and enjoyable sound signature, you can immerse yourself in a wide range of music genres. Additionally, it offers an impressive battery life of up to 27 hours, ensuring that your music accompanies you throughout the day.

The BeoSound Explore also supports customizable settings through its dedicated app, allowing you to fine-tune the speaker to your preferences. Furthermore, it provides the option to connect two speakers in stereo pair mode, enhancing the audio experience even further. Whether you’re at a small gathering or a big party, you can enjoy the high-quality sound and the luxurious design that B&O offers.

In summary, the B&O BeoSound Explore is a portable speaker that combines convenience, durability with its water resistance, and impressive sound quality. It’s an ideal companion for the rainy season, allowing you to enjoy music wherever you go while adding a touch of luxury to your experience.

5.B&W model Pi7 S2

Hello everyone! Today, I’m here to introduce another excellent pair of headphones just like before. It’s the Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) Pi7 S2, a top-of-the-line True Wireless headphone from the renowned audio brand. The Pi7 S2 offers exceptional specifications and a sleek, luxurious design that is also comfortable to wear.

Inside the Pi7 S2, you’ll find two drivers: a 9.2mm Dynamic driver and a single Balanced Armature driver. This combination ensures high-quality sound reproduction. The headphones provide a maximum battery life of up to 16 hours of continuous usage and connect via Bluetooth 5.0. They support codecs such as SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and aptX Adaptive. Additionally, they offer fast charging, allowing for 2 hours of playback with just a 15-minute charge.

For fitness enthusiasts, the Pi7 S2 is equipped with an IP54 rating, making it resistant to water splashes and dust. It’s perfect for workouts and outdoor activities. In my personal opinion, if you’re looking for high-quality True Wireless headphones, I highly recommend the B&W Pi7 S2.

6. Technics EAH-AZ60M2

Hello, valued readers! It’s the perfect time to introduce a new pair of headphones: the Tecnich AZ60M2. It’s an upgraded version of the Tecnich AZ60, featuring Bluetooth version 5.3 with LDAC support and 8 built-in microphones. The Tecnich AZ60M2 is a complete package and a must-have for those seeking excellent sound quality and clear conversation with the built-in microphone.

In terms of outstanding specifications, apart from LDAC and the latest Bluetooth version, the headphones also allow simultaneous connection to three devices (but can only be used with one at a time). This feature makes it convenient for users with multiple devices. The headphones provide a maximum usage time of 7.5 hours and can be recharged approximately three times. When it comes to sound quality, the Tecnich AZ60M2 delivers a similar tonal balance to its predecessor but with improved clarity and excellent bass impact.

How about that, everyone? Stay tuned for next month’s featured products, which will also include water-resistant headphones and speakers. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye for now!